FOR THE FALLEN - [unfinished]


We’ll never forget the debt we owe

to all those battles fought in the South.

Rich pickings for Jim Crow,

but they should know! That every time

they took down a lifeless lump of flesh

hanging from a tree, we gained strength.


Some think by cheapening our lives,

our will is denied.

That every time the call comes,

another son’s violation

will quicken our submission.


That when we come upon

the beaten and disfigured,

it triggers some kind of

dissipation of the spirit.

That slow, slow, continuum of nothingness.

But all it does is give a date; a time; a place

that will, in remembrance,

energise us.


Whenever a cell door slams shut,

offering no resistance

to death in isolation, there

comes a time to ask the question,

whose side are you on ?                               


From the lonely laying to rest

of those cut from trees,

the identification, after mutilation,

of bodies in ditches, to the

neon neurosis of city cops,

with their choice of

spics, spades, yids, and wops,

others now bear witness, and declare,

where there is no justice,

there can be no peace.


And the strength we draw

from those who went before,

will matter,

to those who follow after.




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Paul Sayer

Thu 1st Oct 2020 16:47

yet still we learn nothing

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Greg Freeman

Thu 1st Oct 2020 15:35

As you say, Trevor ... unfinished.

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