Sleep Beaurocracy

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The inspector skulks through the night
hungry for his next audit
nostils flare to savour the scent of insomnia
As he approaches, the  silence is startled
the house groans, the plumbing gets nervous,
a panicked bird call fades away
he slides between a gap in the curtains, around a slightly open door.
I feel his touch creeping on my mind
a pin legged centipede tatooing my memories
while I wait prostrated, frustrated in orpheus' junction.
i flick through my daily mirror
bold headlines tell of my failures in detail, work problems
health scares, sexual tensions, unmet expectations, my aunts agony.
fonts expand, writhing from the page
black tendrils wrap around my limbs and face
thorny serifs rip my skin, blurred photographs surround me,
exposed by the pyschic paparazi
the dirty washing of my mind on spin cycle
the same whispering voice reads the headlines
overlapping  on top of itself, chuntering like a train
gathering speed, roll over,repitition of thought , jerk the duvet,
anticipation, plump the pillow, worry, roll over,
lie on stomach, repitition of thought , jerk the duvet,
 thump pillow, you'll be tired tomorrow
"oh for gods sake!"
rise in sleepy rage, a puffy eyed trudge into the kitchen.
a tea spoon tinkles stirring caffinated defeat
a shadow detaches from the corner,
smiles, ticks a box, checks a schedule
slides through a curtain gap into the morning


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<Deleted User> (7810)

Wed 7th Jul 2010 10:12

Thanks Ray,
I think it did lose a bit of focus there. Have a tendency to over egg the cake a bit.

<Deleted User> (7073)

Thu 3rd Jun 2010 19:12

I like this one Mathew, who has not suffred from night gremlins, I get them too often, I particularly like the reference to the Auditor ...a bit like Wowbagger the Infintely Prolongued ha ha...

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Ray Miller

Wed 2nd Jun 2010 22:55

Lots of good lines in this, first three are very fine and the flick through the daily mirror. I thought it lost its way a little round about the black tendrils mark but an enjoyable read. Be even better if you used a spell-checker!

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