Emerging from its claustrophobic

cocoon the caterpillar inhaled and

inflated itself, instinctively heading

for cover. It wasn’t a silkworm type

all glittery and twee, this one headed

for the safety of the nearest tree and


absorbing the atmosphere, paused

taking stock of its environment . It was

then a pub let out its customers who

idly trundled onto the front pavement

and a cry went up from one of the throng


‘Eeee – what’s this wriggling at the end of

my shoe- who’s got the tissues? It’s Gross’.

A happy ending pertains to this tale in that

the caterpillar survived to became a beautiful

butterfly, laying its eggs in the allotments of

those frequenting the earlier pub in question





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Paul Sayer

Fri 25th Sep 2020 22:02

It's a bugs life P

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