Little Dancey Feet!

(one for the bairns...and big bairns)

Came to the world

With Dancey feet! 

Danced off the bed

And down the street

Danced on a bus

And on a car

For such tiny feet

They danced so far!

Danced up a tree

And through the air

Through fluffy clouds

That tickled her!

Danced on the sun

(And, burnt her bum!)

But still she danced

With joyful fun

Her weary feet 

Danced back to bed

Back through the window

From which she'd fled

And when she was

All settled down

Her Father asked

With confused frown:

"What will you grow to be"

He said


She danced upon his STUPID HEAD!


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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 25th Sep 2020 18:14

Ha! that's brilliant Paul, & thanks mate.
Moon.girl yes, I thought I'd put it on because there is a lot of gloom about at the minute, but there's always sunshine somewhere! Thanks for the like & comment! x

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Paul Sayer

Fri 25th Sep 2020 17:05

We need some respite from the doom
so write more like this please very soon

I love nonsense rhyme and verse
but can't seem to write any which is a curse

I may be called Mr doomer gloomer
but writing comedy I'd much more sooner.

Moon.girl is of course dead right
so grab your pen Steve and start to write

Loved this one, thank you.



Fri 25th Sep 2020 16:57

This is amusing.... Atlast the gloominess is going from wol. Thanks for this little poetic treat.....last line reminds me of a pampered kid.💕

We want more....please!!!

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