Tin foiled hats on.

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Tin foiled hats on


I find my mind can’t be consoled

Its constant entrainment mind controlled

Cell towers transmitting microwaves

Smart meters your money will never save


Here we go, another tinfoil nutter

I hear again a few may mutter

Thinking they know more than scientific  facts

Their truths based on lies whilst mine on facts


My background is verifiable

I’m not an armchair expert

Whose facts based on lies

They still continually exert


Never bothering to educate

Or get informed

Conspiracy condemners who never learn

That many of the tinfoil hat brigade


Speak the truth plainly

And are not afraid

To go against the party line

The truth is hidden, is hard to find


But it is still the truth

However, it’s hidden

The fact is simply

Their truths are lie ridden.


I have no time

For sheeple who are easily led

Who follow the truth blindly

Til they end up dead.


The next big biggie

The Covid Vax

For the manmade virus so we all can relax


The police state grows

Freedoms removed

You give up your liberty

Or not!  YOU choose.


No one who knows

Think 5G is to blame

But it is still a factor

Which is a huge shame.




Because it causes a brush

To tar us all with

Thrown to the lions

Live and let live.


I don’t call you names

And think you are mad…


Errr. Hang on. Yes! I do

And that’s really sad.



5GChemtrailsMicrowave saturation.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 27th Sep 2020 13:24

Hiya Kevin
I do love a good theory, especially if there is a conspiracy lean to it.
You have set my mind reeling about the repercussions of you posting this on my blog!

I have grabbed my hunker down bag and am about to run for the hills. Thank god for the NHS telling what we need, and all the important stuff to get us through the coming 72 hours.

btw. it is great to see you posting mate.


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kJ Walker

Sun 27th Sep 2020 09:16

Paul. Do you really think it was the wind that brought the power lines down. I have a theory, that it was the authorities trying to silence you. You've stumbled across the truth, and now they're trying to contain you.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 26th Sep 2020 08:12

Hi Kimberly, great to see you dropped in.

Thanks for your like.


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Paul Sayer

Fri 25th Sep 2020 21:14

Hi, guys thanks for your like.

Back after a blackout, high winds, powerlines down.

Trees were blown over, cut off my small town.

Last week welding my chainsaw, tonight logs on the fire

Sitting in here in the orange flickering light starting to perspire.

Soon be time to get some shuteye, perchance to dream I'll soon retire.

If the bogie man don't get me, I'll see you in the morn

when the sun lifts over the horizon to herald another dawn.

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