The unpleasant poem

the wishing well's run dry, my inspiration torn

the new age, a new day, coming of age see the light of day


in a castle on a hill someone is wearing a long black veil

who's visage only appears by a black mirror's tale


like the burial of the dead never made it to the final game of chess

I rest my case: the bloody duchess married the vampyre on her deathbed

where they together bathe in essence; extracts of twelve holy virgins


and you never made it into the 21st resurrection of our human race

did you know Japan sent the first robot into space?

India discovered water on the moon and while we were chainsmoking a Coldplay-fan went up&up

with 99 luftballons


Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat won't get me drunk

any more than Apollinaire or Neruda or Fernando

can't replace the sweetest song

now even Marie Fredriksson is gone!@#$%^&*


and as I listen to your heart and rip it out of your chest

the shadows dance in Bali's valleys claiming that we're blessed

slowly stretching out after a good night's rest

albeit for unholy children every day's a test


thus the black worm-opened hole in my soul gaping Fibonacci staircase into hell presented itself like Jacob's ladder or a vision of Israel fornicating with utmost pleasure on the BBC:

it's a sign of the times: devoid of the void we will never be free


now that we've come to the end of the road

the twelve holy virgins are raised over us to gloat

while the faithless stumbling drunken zombies drunken deejay on

because the 21st century poets fail to write a pleasant poem


hence Nehemiah erected the Great Wall to cut off the dick of Kublai Khan

and history will be undone

and history will be undone

and Hitler will be undone

and evil will be undone

and the unveiled broken smile of the black mirror lies broken on the unbroken bathroom tiles:


without woman no man with you human


and inside the Ark homo sapiens are massacred by the Beasts

and Paradise Lost is massacred and the Bible and this blog entry and this man and LGBTQxxx


I love being straight

By sexuality feeling okay

And if it means feeling happy

Then I'm happy to be gay!


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Paul Sayer

Thu 24th Sep 2020 17:49

There are some great stanzas here.

This looks like there have been some deep reflections in the scrying bowl here, as it gently sways on the tripod of life.

The gentle breeze from the force of your gaze Kevin has caused tiny ripples to motion outwards from the centre to gently lap around the circumference of your mind, held still within the centre of your soul-deep deeply within your cavernous cranium.

Expansive, insightful, sometimes frightful.

I loved the read of it.

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