A message from my Nan

Inspired by DarkerDaniKing


A message from my Nan


I have watched you in the moonlight

Dance with moonbeams side by side

I have heard you as your sleeping

As into my world, you glide


Drifting on those moonbeams

That carried you to my home

Then together side by side

It’s you and me that roam.


I show you wonderous sights

And many colours beyond compare

That you do not have

In your world, don’t despair


For all this is awaiting

Each night as you return

We can never be apart

This truth will one day dawn


But be in no haste to leave

Your beautiful world behind

For in truth there are many

Wonderful souls to find


Who needs some reassurance

That your world is not all bad

Until tonight my love

When we meet again...


As you arise my shining knight

My loyal Sir Galalad.



Thanks for your perspective, Nan.


A wonderious dream

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Paul Sayer

Thu 24th Sep 2020 21:35

Hi Stephan, Abdul, and Kevin.

Thank you all for hitting that like guys.


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