After hitting self destruct

Had to find something inside to reconstruct

Build me up

Here’s what’s left

Hanging onto the last breath

Pulled myself from the depth 

Now I am free 

But hold on...this just doesn’t seem real to me

Feel like I’m stuck in somebody’s twisted fantasy 

They’re pulling my strings

They’re whispering things

Telling me I’m crazy

Telling me I’m lazy

Telling me I’m worth nothing

When I’m trying to be something

Don’t want a ring 

Don’t want more kids

Don’t want no bids

I’m not for sale

But at every turn I fail

They put a wall in the way

So I gotta struggle another day

Same shit all the time I’m sick

Can’t do this I feel useless 

Every time I knock it down

You build a door and lock it down

When I find a window thats open you block it 

Cant stay in your world anymore

I refuse to go down that road

Don’t want a prince so not kissing a frog I’m kissing the toad

He turned into a bad boy

Then play with me like his favourite toy

Then he’s gone

I’m left alone

Can’t make them wanna stay

But I like it that way

Don’t need another dependant or responsibility

No matter the potential or stability 

Everything that you offer is beautiful

But I’m not the right girl for you

Gotta understand 

I’m not looking for a man

Not one that’s gunna stay or get in my way

Just a one night thing

Whenever I give you that ring

Better answer your phone 

Cos baby we gunna bone

Lose it for one night

Then back to resting bitch face

Thread up my big girl shoes and tie the lace tight

depressionRebuilding after depression

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