Life story

Lyrics invade my brain

If I don’t get them out they run around and drive me insane

All the best material comes out then hides got to wrack my brain to remember 

But I don’t even know what day it is

Should I be buying presents are we in December 

This is why when you see me gaze

It’ll amaze you to know that I was in a daze 

I wasn’t looking at you

Don’t care what you do

You’ll never be relevant 

Insignificant as a fly to an elephant 

Except this is my domain 

So I have to maintain 

A high level of standards

Because these bastards demand it

How do I show that I can’t go the same way through 

You want the kids wanna be a wife

I wanna be a tiger in the wild or a shark in the sea

Living the life of an animal is the only way to be free

Imprisoned in this human shell

Health is failing and I ain’t doing too well

But don’t worry about me I got the only person who’s been there the whole time

That person is me and the whisper in my mind

It tells me to keep going

Go get the world 

You keep showing

How you a survivor 

If you feel you can’t make it don’t worry I’m a revive ya

We got this together just need to rid the shit

They keep taking food from your picnic and they don’t expect any consequence

For now baby we need to put those cunts on the fence 

Let’s get up and do it 

Show the people you don’t care because you’ve already been through it

“I’ve been raped before”

Hashtag me too twice

Two different people but I’m sure if they met they’d high 5 like “bro nice”

Next sob story

“Ibeen held hostage before”

Me too because I followed my cousin around who acted like a free whore 

The dude blocked the door

When I said no he wouldn’t let me go

That day I had my first panic attack

And with my protector dead the only one who had my back

Was me 

Next sob story

“I was beaten as a child and mentally abused”

Yeah hashtag me too booboo 

I had it drilled that I was fat and ugly

For so many years that it’s now a fact to me

Through this experience somehow my brain got on a train and left behind all information that has nothing to do with survival 

Learning how to deal with shit that I shouldn’t have too

It’s gone on for too long and when no one was left to cause me pain

I was slapped in the face with a wake up call from my brain

Ring ring ring...


Hey gurl!! It’s me your brain listen...

This isn’t normal you haven’t been messed about in a week

Bitch I got a surprise now close your eyes and don’t peek

Kaboom depression and a thyroid condition

Isn’t it beautiful I hope you enjoy that

Because forever you’re gunna be fat

Now the thyroid fucked you got a whole heap of shit

So that promise you made to yourself about not letting anyone hurt you again haha

How you gunna stop me you have no control

I’m the one who has ahold of your soul

Now you always in pain and the one tryna kill you is your own brain

Don’t worry even with the cognitive disfunction and inability to string a sentence out loud 

I’m getting my shit together and finding ways to make my baby proud

This is my story in all of its glory

Depressionreal life

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Tue 22nd Sep 2020 15:02

Thank you Paul!

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