I don’t like to lie

But I won’t argue with stupid

So until the day I die

I’ll neither confirm or deny

Your rumours

They’re like tumours 

They spread and they grow

But lucky I release my anger on flow

Lucky I already snapped

Your words don’t go through

So how come when I’m alone

I hear the voice in my head saying the same things as you

Then a part of me is saying rise up bitch you’re a King

But that part whispers can’t be heard over the screams

The whispers are lies 

Dummy look with your eyes 

Your life is a joke

Your words are not heard no matter how loud they’re spoke

You’ll never be King no one will ever love you 

That we both know is true


You know what’s funny is it seems like I’m the only one that can see all of the negativity going on in the world around me

When all I wanna do is be free 

Be free of the people that’ve hurt me

My users my abusers you’re all losers and everybody who took advantage when they knew I was at a disadvantage 

I survived the fight with you all and live to see a new day

Except now I’m fighting a different battle

And I can’t seem to find a way 

To win

Since the fight is going on within

There ain’t no-one who can help 

Ain’t no-one who I can tag in

How do you win a battle you know you’ve already lost

But you can’t give up no matter the cost

Because when you see her face

You know you gotta win this race

There’s too much to lose

It’s now up to you to chose 


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Tue 22nd Sep 2020 15:05

Got to keep going!

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