Corona Virus

Coronavirus can kiss my arse 

and if I get a fine 

they’re gunna have to get in line

coz I’m broke and I don’t care 

“but we want our money” 

well life ain’t fair

that’s why I welcome death and all its depth. To be able to say I’m finally free,

no longer trapped in this body of torture and insanity.

Yet that’s what awaits me when I go, if only I could show, show you the way I fell

when I landed on this earth and discovered it was actually hell

Each time I die I fall deeper

And each time I live 

the lord I will never forgive

that’s why I welcome death and all its depth.

My whole life has been pain

From beatings around the brain

That was from a stepdad who was around all my life

Yet he never made my mother his wife

My mum would sit and watch as my brother beat me up 

because I knew the consequence for hurting daddy’s baby boy

He knew this and used it to annoy 

The one that no one saw I was always the last for everything and always “in a mood” 

Because I didn’t get any food

Home Alone was the film I loved most

Because like me, to his family, Kevin McAllister was a ghost

Invisible to all

No matter how hard I would scream and call

that’s why I welcome death and all its depth.


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Tue 22nd Sep 2020 15:09

Thank you Paul. I have so many more but choose not to share any with those who know me because a lot of my experiences I keep private because I’m seen as this strong female that is untouchable because she’s so strong. It’s why I’m here because I can let it out.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 13:17

Welcome to the world of poetry
where truth finds a chink in the most efficient and strongest armour
It stops the hurt and lies getting in
and allows the truth and love to surface.

Us poets stand the tallest when we stand together.


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