Distant Dialogue.

If I could close my eyes and meet you halfway, I would. 
I'd find you in the middle of here and there and ignite conversation lasting late into the night. 
In the midst of our subconscious we'll begin peeling off layers of ourselves until there's nothing left to discover.
I'd like to take your suffering in all it's raw beauty and paint it's colors across the sky.
You could be my catastrophic sunrise,
I'd look to you for inspiration and in the depths of your rays my ideas would never cease. 
As clouds roll over, the air around us tightens and all talk tastes stale.
I find it hard to regain my focus on much else.
When the day comes where we've run dry of clever words to recite, I'll paste your name in the back of my mind so it is never forgotten. 
I open my eyes just the slightest.
That's when I feel you leaving,
But don't you go just yet 
Let's not worry about what tomorrow will be. 
Right now hand me a glass
I'd like to drink in this moment with you. 

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Sun 27th Sep 2020 11:23

Brilliant! 👍

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John Marks

Sun 27th Sep 2020 11:13


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Eric Berard

Sun 27th Sep 2020 05:44

Absolutely just so beautiful.

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