Set free

O Bird of evil and of good

I have let you free and go

You may not have to shoulder

The burdens I carry since long


O bird of envy and of pride

You are unchained and left wild

You may fly to any shore that you desire

And make your nest with whoever you wish


O bird of goodness and mercy

Don't betray trust of any of your people

They feed you and they love you

At least be good to keep your promises true to those few


O bird of sunshine and glory

You are set free from my call for help

Now I will not seek your love nor dwell

Wont put you to tasks that're loathsome


O wolf of the pack of wicked and kind

You have hunted your preys in your games of glory

I ain't your prey game, nor your lover wild

Still you vouch friendship? After breaking promises?



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