Tir Na Nog

Would anybody like to come along with me.
On an enchanted 3 day crossing over the sea.
The path is magical, known as Honeys plain.
An Otherworld awaits us, Tir Na Nog its name.                                                      A land beneath our waters with Cities of gold.
Paradise is everywhere and nobody grows old.
We'll travel through caves and a magical mist.
Too discover that Tir Na Nog really does exist.                                                       A land where flowers in bloom are forever seen.
Where horses graze on pastures forever green.
A world where health and beauty is everywhere.
Eternal youth and happiness will await us there.                                                    We can drink through a horn near a magic well.
And listen to warriors with brave stories to tell.
The birds will sing like we've never heard before.
Let's search for Tir Na Nog and its magical door.                                                Where love and happiness hand in hand they go.                                              Like no other world we will ever discover or know.

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Sun 13th Sep 2020 20:17

Sounds enchanting. Let’s go!

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