Terror Raged And The Mind Fed It Cruelty



If I had the wisdom to remain silent what words would I have substituted for actions?


Know no one, not even yourself, and you would know heaven.


How did the lightning bolt acquire its wisdom to zigzag towards least resistance?


When sensuousness is a mud of similarity to drown in.


The oesophagus swallows by becoming impossible and confused.


There is only one sunrise/sunset seen from multiple perspectives.


Defiance of logic builds five sided pyramids.


I lit a candle with the image of her lips.


The infinity of a single thing. The solitary mass of many.


The rain poured through empty night like the finest filigrees of silken threads, continuous and undisturbed. 


Each Christ and Buddha is an air bubble of health to an infinity of overall sickness.


The pain experienced at psychology's spasms of impotence. Too much never enough. The daunting exhaustion of the long distance runner disheartened by never ending time and space.


I desire to lose myself in the walled labyrinths of my fingerprint.


Aphrodite age thirteen wishing she had an older mind. Now it is so ancient that her past feels foreign to her.


To have true thoughts in the multiple ways it takes to blush.

In a universe of rags you are like a strip of the softest fur.


We drink tea from bone china cups in the Corpse Garden and everything tastes of the same dead perfume.


Judgement is always the predecessor.


To splatter with ice cold black shit the most cherished and sacred ideals of humankind. Just because...


Sometimes the clarity in language is like vivid forms appearing in fog.


In flagrante delicto enfant praeda.


The relief I felt for a law that protected my abusive father from being harmed. Only passion is permitted to cause harm. Nothing is more distasteful than a bureaucratic act of cruelty.


Where insincerity is a measurement of sincerity. Falsity a valid step towards true love.


A young girl is more beautiful to me than a mature one because of the condensed size of her features.


A dysplasia of perceptual interpretation.


The tear that wept an eye.


The complexity required to forcibly invite is learned afresh by each feminine birth.


A mind without parts, chapters or scenes an eternal infinity of the shining span of space.


Inspiration like a glut of self satisfaction. To distrust feelings like a social etiquette more than a vice.


I think the thoughts of dying braincells.


The sea is a thousand heckled cats tonight. And I am a wave. And I am a shore beached.


The lightning bolt of zigzag indecision.  The path where truth appears to be created.


How sincerity bores me at times.


Sometimes what I want the most isn't the best thing for me.


Infinity is a mistake repeated. It could be beautiful if I knew true beauty.


The crucifix has always represented suffering it is the symbol of the first divergence in infinity. The dissatisfaction that leads to other forms.


Infinity is bored if only it could relax with itself.


Just do what feels true in the moment it changes constantly.


Don't speak perfection or no one will hear you.


Linguistically I'm always buttering buns for people instead of handing them out. 


French is erotic. American is debasement. English a percolation. German guttural. Latin verbatim.  


Whoever owns the past tense owns their own judgement.

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Blue Of Noon

Mon 14th Sep 2020 09:21

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊

Robert Haigh

Sun 13th Sep 2020 14:33

Interesting thoughts, expressed with vivid imagery. I enjoyed the read.

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