Tasting Temptation.

To taste the slightest bit of you 
Would be nothing short of thrilling.
Though chasing such ambitions would be caving in to evil. 
One taste is never enough to quench the thirst of fleshy desires. Temptations lurk around every corner, begging to be fed with immediate attention. 
Avoid it all together, 
The only thing to come from what claws at our emotions is destruction. 
But this I cannot ignore, it seems the only way I learn my lesson is to get caught in disaster. 
The words you construct so wonderfully are lingering in my head, they flow like lyrics, a neverending thread of your  thoughts. 
Each line is breathtaking, built with rhymes and metaphors. 
A poetic architect is what you are.
I see the way you write so raw with your emotions, hiding not a thing from my eyes.
I am a sinful convict persuaded by profound literature.
I promise to give in
But only just this once.
So undress me with your soul, give me chills that spread like wildfire up and down my spine.
Hold me down,
Let me breathe in your clever riddles, let's become consumed by the hunger that dwells deep inside. 
The anguish of the human condition is an inevitable disease.
So take my pain and I'll take yours, and together in longing poetry we will numb it all away. 


◄ Frisson.

Tempestuous ►


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Mon 14th Sep 2020 23:33

“undress me with your soul, give me chills that spread like wildfire up and down my spine.” 🔥🔥🔥

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Paul Sayer

Sat 12th Sep 2020 06:16

-J this is superb.

This is surely a poetic piece about the very spice of life.

Its pull and addiction are almost impossible to withdraw from once experienced to this depth.

So sweet like the nectar of the Gods.

Oh! My poetess both your allure and attraction are truly spellbinding.


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Sat 12th Sep 2020 04:22

Beautifully expressed!💐

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