A word powerful if we realize its meaning deep,

In shallow waters it's only about living a life of dreams

To a prisoner it's a desire with flames burning high

A breath to take in fresh air without any bars and wires

A comfort it gives to live a life free from controlled bondage

It's a rord powerful with lots of goodness filled for a fettered kid

Running around as and how one may please, isn't any liberty

It's a word really honest with engrained feelings of your worthy heart and soul

For me freedom means host of activities that I haven't smelt since birth till now


Freedom is to wear the clothes of your choice without anyone to judge your choice or dictating your mind unconsciously making you always feel sick and ugly.

Freedom is about breathing the fresh air in an open space where doors aren't locked and breathing unchained with liberty to take in as much air as one may wish to take.

Freedom is the choice of food one can eat, without being forced to gulp in potatoes daily. It may sound funny but for some this is sick reality. A choice of food to buy from market, to cook ones own Meal and let the savoury persists without having the guilt of eating an extra slice if hungry.

Freedom is to roam about seeing places one wishes to see and be with people whom one wishes to meet. Being controlled subconsciously to keep one prisoner constantly like a kidnapped child being stared upon constantly.

Freedom means too many things to me. But first I need to feel the freedom to understand it's TRUE meaning so to express it when its experienced and felt continously. 

For a prisoner and a person kidnapped. It's not easy to define freedom word. For what ain't lived and felt cant be described well. But like a fairytale its believed to be true having read in books too.

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Poems hub

Sat 12th Sep 2020 07:36

I wish............(infinite wishes)

Thank you Paul!

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Paul Sayer

Sat 12th Sep 2020 06:36

This is such a deeply written piece.

So many roads to travel down here Juniper, each leading to the entrance of freedom and liberty.

We now live in inforced confinement mostly of our own doing.

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