Breathing love all over again

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More than the air I need you to breathe. This feeling of holding you in my arms reassures me of my life still worth living. The kiss sealed on lips creates heart beats like drumming and into that pool of madness I swim through the deepsea of love with blood red colours of hot steamy emotions yo spice up the feelings of your heart beating within mine. As we run along the shorelines with water splashing against the rocks, bathing us every now and then reminding us of those when our love soared high above. Sky ain't the limit we thought and universe wasn't a trip we ever thought. Much beyond those delightful horizons azure lies a realm for lovers like us to explore. The deepest deeps which we do feel every time we walk hand in hand. We wore our hearts on sleeves and exchanged it lovingly. Daring never to ask anything in return but bartered hearts willingly.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 12th Sep 2020 07:10

That image is great S.g

How sad we never seem to have time to 'just' breath and be.

Be together.

Another heartfelt poem.

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