Loves labour pays well

The flame of love burning bright

Have your precious memories blossoming divine

The fruits of loves labour is never lost

It's time to reap what you did sow of love seeds

A tree full of branches and fruits sweet of faith and trust

Bears testimony to the fact how beautifully true your love was

In awe I stand here reminiscing all the vows of love that you made

Today I see those promises and vows kept by your sincere self

My respect and love grows each day understanding the value true

A love that stays and pays it's due keeping all its solemn promises

Is in fact the love with foundations strong and a building worth the construct to see

What beauty your heart holds as a lover burning in furnace of testing times

Now hold my hand and take a dive for I have learnt my love lessons really fine

Hope a future we do build on trust, faith and love eternal

To once more reap the sweetest fruits of loves labour in that coming eternal world

◄ Won't give up!!

Liberty ►


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