Through The Eyes Of The Universe, Cruising For Sex

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To let go of the petty concerns of survival and pain; to jump into the waterfall of infinite pounding heatbeats and rage wild and free as a dance of pure inspiration. To forget fear in ecstatic revelry.



To know the terror of death and live so bright that the flame of life will never be extingushed.



What is natural is often sick. And what is actually natural is often considered perverse. 



More important than the social and political mistreatment of many people or a minority. It is the destruction of our planet as long as we keep destroying our world there may not be any humans alive to complain about such things.



Better than happiness is peace. The peace to abide in agony and even fear.



Pleasure is circular and part of suffering. If the infinity of all emotions could be a ring that all emotions are felt as one. Then peace be the finger I wear it on.



The blind see clearly all that is not there. Yet some seers see only forms of blindness and report the world in their own illusory form.



The bud's petals enfolded within listen to the voice of the abyss and will blossom into wonderful monstrousity.



How can a species that defecates take itself seriously?



I turn into caricature that which I dwell upon.



Music so beautiful it disappears.



By himself but with a book.



Meditatation while dreaming in glistening lattice-work maze.



Beauty flushed cold runs down the back of my neck.



Like a new state in place of the old some focus of contension arises.



Where languages dissolve into pools of colour.



The flowers spin like whirling dervishes between endless green valleys.



The spider Maldruk did a dance upon my heart! How I percieved a strange kind of childlike beauty.



She resumes snake like after pause. Jazz perfume of Gabor Szabo too many pheromones fellatio indelicato.






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