Love The Opium Of Our Tortures

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Happiness is foolish and I don't mind the offense it causes others. Sometimes it's good to have a break from being serious and act a fool.



A crisis feels like a live wire of direct action.



I love to get the gods high even though I don't really feel a thing from it.



An old aphorism: A tenderness that moves with the urgency of a crisis.



Poetry's vein is so beautiful its a happiness that isn't foolish.



Confidence is authority in motion and resilience in stillness.



Her emotions are so powerful that they hurt me so intensely just to cause her the slightest displeasure.



I dare things in the mind that emotionally hurt in the flesh.



To dress in fine garments of nothing and know that nakedness is not really nudity. True nudity is being without a body.



To socalise with people who can make your nightmares a reality at the mearest whim.



To breathe heartbreak but not take it personally. To luxuriate in rich sadnesses.



To see the terror of death and to learn with body and mind not to die. Death is not natural it is a crime.



Your pain is deep and multifaceted I hold it like a precious jewel in my core.



Sadness so heartbreaking that I am awonder with happiness at its dying pains that never die. A bottomless wound that I want to fall into deeper and deeper. To plumb its endless depths.



I've always preferred dreaming to the waking life. I used to think Morpheus must be the luckiest person to live in the dream world. How ignorant I was!



One day I will wake up so fully I will discover that the waking state is just a dream too.



Drugs are consumerism in its most refined and pure state.



Its difficult to know whats wrong when pain and sadness feel so voluptious and intoxicating. I'm in love with this agony.



Saints that were purified in the tortures of a god's cruel love. Such ecstasies make me imcomprehensible to language.



Music contains all the sounds of our emotional world. To write music that makes people feel emotions that never existed before the music was written.



I am true to myself even though most of the world would condemn me. I know what they say is wrong is actually not wrong or right it is simply my truth. And truth is beyond good and evil.



I am tabula rasa when I meet someone.



In my opinion the world gets better at being terrible.



I want to drink the wine of Olivia Dresher's heartbreak and sorrow.



Aphrodite's beauty is monstrous. All tremble to behold it.





Really enjoying the new album by Ralph Molina Love and Inspiration.



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