The Procreation Of Mirrors

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Ovid ovulates dark gestations that birthed the gods into narrative. Homer and Hesiod hummed the voice of the singing gods with mortal tongues. To create stories attributed to the gods is to confine the gods and as such is viewed by them as blasphemy. Who would want to be imprisoned by definitions of the mortal imagination?



A sensory view of the conceptual. An art that expresses the form of philosophy as a tangible object.*



If philosophies could be seen as flowers what would a garden planted with all known and unkown philosophers look and smell like? How would the flower of Marquis De Sade look and smell? Or Wittgenstien, Nietzche and Bataille?



Trying to grasp Zeus is like trying to grasp a snake that is constantly shedding its skin. Does Zeus even experience a fixed point within himself or is he constantly changing like an ocean?



Fabrics woven from moonlight, a heartfelt sigh or the voice of a singer. Dresses spun from shimmering new moons, meloncholy sighs or the melodic voice of a song.



To see the world cleansed of the personal would be a huge relief. Knowing there is nothing personal is not the same as realising it.



Like a cloud that dissolves into the formless sky. Like a cloud that sees itself from the inside appearing quite uncloud like from within. We see ourselves within differently to our external image. When we die does our cloud of self dissapate into the sky of the formless absolute? Will particles still linger that will precipitate a new cloud of self? When I write I am raining my essence. A downpour that will nurture the growth of mental flowers.



Mirrors procreate endlessly. Their infinite offspring of reflections reveal their images but not themselves.



Even what the imagination cannot conceive of like the absence of space and objects is conceived by its inability. The minds inability to produce an image of the imageless is itself imageless and therefore conceivable by its inconceivability.

How joyful this sorrow feels.

The picture is of a statue of Aphrodite

*With technology an entire work of a particular philosopher could have image assigned either to invidual words or to complete sentances this could then be printed using a 3D printer to render a sculpture of a philosopher's philosophy.


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