No one two

Dont fall to your knees, it is the wrong message

just to please the screaming masses

Hold your head up and face the inner demons

that ruled your twisted little world

By admitting your guilt there is no saving

just the choice of last minute salvation

Who is your god now, choose wisely

Wide or narrow is the road

Abandon all hope


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 2nd Sep 2020 13:24

Food for thought here. Every generation finds its saints and sinners,
its opportunists and victims. Like some recurring theme, these
traits seem part of the human be faced and fought over
down the years. Stand up and be counted is the best message if
humanity is to maintain the primacy of good over evil wherever and
whenever it happens. But communication, not extermination, is the way forward when one man's idea of "right" is another's idea of
"wrong". Or, to borrow those words from Winston Churchill: "Jaw-jaw
is better than war-war."

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