Hymn To Limos Goddess Of Starvation

Hymn To Limos Goddess Of Starvation

Her starvation is like a summer of barren dead blossoming. Her ancient birthday fated for an endless exile by Eris mother of woe. How limitless, her rage and cruelty is, fathomless as the ocean of infinity. Yet how lovely the love with which she loves me. How taut and transparent the revealing skin that adorns her muscles and skeleton. Oh darling Limos! I adore you. My darling old crone that delights like a little girl again to be so loved by me. Hold me in your skeletal arms and let me be the expression of your bliss. Anorexic banquet, cakes and meats of denial and sacrifice, strong wines of abandonment and a primal dance wild as a pitch black scream. Insatiable desires like a birth of ravenous white flowers for you. Extinguishment your solidity and decay the dignity and regality of your words and deeds. Your frugality is like an intoxicating opulence. A solitary soul silent as the still born watching for a star that will illuminate her darkness with a ray of light. You nurture pains for comforts. I worship you my mother and wife of abominations.

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