Drunken Upon Thought Made Wines

Each day brings the toppling drunken gait of life and death.



We each lean agaisnt the winds of time swept decay with the fierce determination of survival.



Drunken and concussed with realisations of wonder I behold limitless stars.



Emotions drag me into themselves and like a dog on a leash I am pulled. To think intoxicating thoughts is to create the wines of self inebriation.



The barking opinion of dogs. The sarcasm of rain drops. The violent ecstasy of waves. The illuision is whatever we say it is. Reality a dream dreamed daily upon waking.



Limos Goddess Of Starvation*

Beneath her feet barren wastelands appear. She eats the growth of Spring and excretes the deadness of bleak winter. Her eyes shimmer like a wild cat's in the darkness of an endless silent night. All life turns albescent beneath her ancient caress. Her births are children of comfort and joy that she frenzied throttles to death.

*It should be realised that Eris's creation of immortals that personify suffering is nothing more than an exercise in personal pleasure.




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