Three decades and many more years piled upon. These demons and dark energies have sucked everything positive. When the sun shines the powers are created again and the process keep repeating unguarded again and again. There's hope at the end of the tunnel, at the mouth of the hole, beneath the mountains high. There's time for everything but at times there's no relief. For with troubles comes perfection to step on the next level and storms grow darker and darker. Perfection is a process often from cradle to grave and so do trials. A little smile and relief provides temporary relaxation and then roller coasters start again and it's not become a cyclic affair to live and learn. These dark elements travel through wires and phones. Havoc and storms stirred to RIP apart life unless God over rules certain spells. But how strong all this makes and saps away happiness n peace. Many a loving, caring faces I see with time they get blurred and finally become a memory filled with tearful guilt over situations darkly triggered beyond controlling. Nothing works right, the words, senses and the sight unless the storm uprooted everything that was happy and smiling. Ah the pain of insurmountable experiences learnt hard way at the cost of losing loving friends and dear ones. No one can understand the gravity and wounds trees battles have inflicted. All my fault, dont judge me u till you carry the burdens I carry wrongfully and forcefully since uncountable years. But who would think it this way, they judge, misinterpret and punish. Doubly tortured through those punishments from loved ones and from my own hands that I inflicted upon myself under blurring darker visions that seems so right in those moments unless all goes haywire yo be buried and finally gone forever from my life leaving behind prickingly soft memories with tearful heart and eyes. Dance o dear fair knights and souls. Tune in and rhyme and play the music on. When the audience and spectator is aware  respect generates. Oblivion creates dramatic fear termed as tantrums by witnesses. Ugly holes and huge boundaries around engulfs greatness and throws out ugliness leading to destruction after destruction.  Forces are strongly dark n mighty. Resistance us gentle and vulnerable. Help often comes only till they frustrate and find no other way. Stuck in a dark  dingy, vaulted abyss of hellish abode till God knows when....

A solemn wish of liberty takes root within this bottomless pitted pplant. A freedom seek that shall stay forever. Faces and arms to hang around forever not to disappear again. Life is a tremendous loss of living yet lost forever loved ones. The darker realms within the framework of head creates stories and nightmares leaving a traumatized sense of disbelief and finds no ear to relate no arms to give moments of relief and calm. A child now z woman lived such instances night after night every decade after decade till vulnerability becomes a hollowed trademark with mind lacking thoughts and depths only a monotonous hand work without creativity and sill. Hope this ugly life ends on a note of happiness and peace with love completely forevermore to stay in life's heart soul and minds beautiful reality.

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Poems hub

Wed 9th Sep 2020 05:33

Thanks Paul. Your wise words holds volumes of good advice. Just need to be more introspective. I'll try n stay focused.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 8th Sep 2020 12:33

..." These dark elements travel through wires and phones..."

This line I find extremely interesting Juniper. I will perhaps pm you regarding this.

This whole piece of prose is a battle between darkness and light.
Between love and hate. All in equal measure.

Where we look determines what we see.

You are in control of who and what you give your attention.

To remain focused on one and not the other is a task that takes time to master, both have a strong magnetic pull.

Who we attract into our life will depend on where we put our energies.


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