Most people nowadays are

unable to recall those nuclear

tests around Australian coasts.

The damage to earth’s wealth

and marine specimens were far

too numerous to quantify with

legacies and peace time treaties

promised around discussion talks


Slowly marine life is beginning

to recover itself amongst the

nooks and crannies of under

water fantasia land, and sights

too grand to speak of start to

re-emerge, as angel fish are

seen to glint again under the

bounteous sea where marine

life too countless to enumerate

dance again under the waves


But there is a man I know who

recalls too well the mayhem

that ensued – of course he was

much younger then and served

under the colours of the RAF.

I won’t reveal his name – Official

Secret’s Act may still apply. But

he wobbles now and is frail, yet

strange how some things refuse

to escape his erratic memory





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Paul Sayer

Fri 14th Aug 2020 19:12

Such a powerful read P.

Often it is what we don't say that has the most power.


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Fri 14th Aug 2020 12:38

Ghosts are all around us I guess, even in the haunting memories of our past.

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