Bottled Letters

It presents gravels before my feet,

The sea

When it meets the sand,

Holding my longing gaze as I stand

Atop coffined treasures

And pebbles filled with flints made from memories,

That weigh my slippers

Down to this deserted beach.

Myriad secrets encaged in their bottle shaped ampoules

Float aimlessly like vagabonds do.

Imprisoned in cells of reminiscence,

They await their acquittal sometime hence.

Perhaps they will,

Perhaps they won’t,

Perhaps the messages in such bottles

Are never supposed to soar.

But nothing deters me,

Neither the lack of aim nor the ambiguity,

From smothering a piece of paper with my scrawls.

It’s just a letter after all.

Even if I were to amass the Seven Seas

To ink the fragile leaves of my letters,

They’d exhaust before my letters cease to speak.

Perhaps I should only whisper.

Although the warmth of my words

Strangles their guardian’s neck,

Their utopic journey in my utopic world

Offers me some solace.

Following a benign spring from the edge of the shore,

My wistful musings brace themselves to float.



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Shifa Maqba

Thu 13th Aug 2020 19:26

Thank you Stephen for your generous feedback!

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 13th Aug 2020 16:46

Great. The poem seems to grow at each reading, as Keith says.

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Shifa Maqba

Thu 13th Aug 2020 06:00

Keith and Abdul, thank you so much for your generous comments and roses! Eternally grateful for your support.

Thank you, Jordyn, D.W. Hamilton, Philipos and Eric, for stopping by and dropping a like each. Your roses are eternally cherished!

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Abdul Ahmad

Wed 12th Aug 2020 20:02

Shifa this gorgeous poem has been crafted by a gifted wordsmith. A real jewel.

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keith jeffries

Wed 12th Aug 2020 19:50


a poem which merits several readings in order to grasp the gist of what you are saying. Words beautifully chosen which stir the imagination to go further and conjure up more of what you have written.

An excellent poem
Thank you indeed for this.


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