The Title: Designation Intitled.

The Title:

Designation Intitled. 


Often with so many new poems to read each day, it is perhaps the title that is the most crucial part of our poetry.

It is akin to the shop window that entices us in.

It is like the photograph on the take-away wall that decides what we will choose to eat.

The glossy advert in a magazine, and indeed the image that will make us laugh out loud, cry or recoil in horror.

It sets the tone and flavour of our endeavours to portray information or share a passion we hold dear with another.

Eyes are indeed the window to our Soul.

Poetry is both our window on the world and to the world.

What we see and experience what we have endured in our past and look forward too in the future.

It is our voice!

Our poetry reflects our very Soul, both individually and collectively.

It can say  Damn you!   Bless you!    I hate you!    I love you!


It can change attitudes and firmly held beliefs.

It can spew lies and spread forth truths...

It is the work of the devil or the word of God.

It is whatever our Soul desires and seeks. 


It is our freedom of expression.

Our right to be us, who we want to be, who we are.

Our passionate voice to an intimate Lover

Our Exclamations! To the whole world at large.



For our world and those who need it

Our intercessions, petitions, and prayers to God.


This to me is what poetry is.


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Shifa Maqba

Fri 14th Aug 2020 13:36

"Poetry is both our window on the world and to the world", indeed it is. Very well put!

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Abdul Ahmad

Wed 12th Aug 2020 08:55


I like your analogy about a poem's title and the shop window.

Yes a well dressed shop window lures one in to examine the wares closely.


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