It was a legend from a spooky past

a manor house where party guests

had played their hide and seek – it

was in Hampshire – a place called

Bramshill House, where at parties

laughter and merriment were key

measures of success – the bride went

off, looking for a hidey hole, and on a

gloomier floor, she found an ideal spot.

So in shadowy spaces she: discovering a

heavy wooden chest, fine carved and


ornate – slid inside, pulling the lid

tightly shut – after the party - guests

sought her high and low, until giving

up the ghost – they thought she might

have fled - avoiding the nuptial bed,

but was found years later, macabre

and decomposed – some say they

hear her pleading to be freed, which

echoes throughout upper floors.

She'd been weary of dancing, she'd

explained, until the chest  held fast.




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jennifer Malden

Thu 13th Aug 2020 15:49

Gruesome, but so well written!!! The new husband must have been a real thickie, or perhaps he was delighted?!

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Wed 12th Aug 2020 23:37

Just to update everyone, as I said I would, have now emailed the relevant local newspaper.

Will keep you posted if there is a development.


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Wed 12th Aug 2020 19:24

I am pleasantly surprised at the interest in this - perhaps my next line of enquiry should take us to a local newspaper to see if they can throw any light on where my presented copy of the Mistletoe Bough might now be and where it might have ended up, to see if the new path is an interesting one.

It could take a little time but I will be beavering away in the background with it and will update you guys on any developments.

Thanks additionally to Stephen and MC Newbury and Jennifer for joining us on this ghostly trail.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 12th Aug 2020 16:16

Good. Gives me the shivers.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 12th Aug 2020 12:11

I recall Bramshill as a police college for officer training. Sounds like
a case for investigation. Send for the Yard!

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Don Matthews

Wed 12th Aug 2020 10:19

The mystical tale
Of the bride in the chest
Yes we would like
To know 'bout the rest.....


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Wed 12th Aug 2020 09:25

I found a print of the scene many years ago, at a second hand shop in Belmont, Surrey.

As it gripped my attention, I presented it to the former owners of Bramshill House.

Alas, the property has now been sold on for other purposes.

I'd love to know the present whereabouts of this picture as it has my name inscribed on a small brass plate at the bottom.

So thank you Paul, Abdul, Shifa, Don, and Tom, for being kind enough to Like, and/or otherwise comment.

Perhaps we haven't heard the last of the tale just yet.

I'd so love that to be the case.


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Paul Sayer

Wed 12th Aug 2020 06:40

More! More like this.
I command it I demand it

Who could reprimand it.

Chills and thrills
what else is there?

Captivating, enchanting, macabre... Right up my street.


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