She was a pretty young thing

she asked me to get my kit off

just like that, and we hadn’t even

been properly introduced – alas

that’s the NHS for you – young

locums pressed for time, and


wanting to check one swollen

knee against  the other before

referring me for X-ray photos

and afterwards on to book an

appointment for steroid jabs

whacking me between cracks


of a dodgy patella on the left.

Somehow it felt quite good

being back on centre stage in

the wake of a lockdown like

I had never witnessed before

in a painfully sore itinerary






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M.C. Newberry

Tue 11th Aug 2020 12:27

Ha...for my own part, I've never felt so well after being freed from the
telephone calls requiring my attendance for this and that "check" on
my health. Like hospitals, I tend to think of surgeries as places to avoid when possible. Covid-19 has.been a strange "first-aider" in
absolving me from the worries that "age concern" tends to inflict on
us older folk. Moderation in ALL things is my ongoing reference while I concentrate on a good diet and good sleep. And if those
warnings about exercise overwhelm me, I usually lie down until the
feeling has passed. 😏

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