When the little sods get under your roof

trying to burrow below dermis with a prick

which has you howling with the pain of it,

it is time give a call to Steve-the-wasp

who cares not about the lamentations of

his job – he just gets on with it, shunning


formal ceremony and blasts away at the

task in hand – insecticide and no-how are

his stock in tools of trade – he simply puts

a little squirt around and buzzing sounds

become as silent as the solemn grave,

people agree he is their hero of the day






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Sun 9th Aug 2020 12:57

Ray, I know wasps are pollinators and are essential should bees decline. They also have affiliation with other essential creatures such as bees, hornets, and ants.

Greg and Ray, in the remoter villages of Surrey beyond Newlands corner etc, wasps can invade lofts to a menacing degree.

Books will have been written about the for and against - but if in large numbers they begin to invade a living space, then they are as unwelcome as say creepy crawlies in the bed.

Am hoping they pick up on my vibes when they hover around my outside guttering.

Ray again, as a nature lover I could watch for hours their activity and their amazing engineering skills - and not a steel girder or cement block in sight during construction time.

As to other insects such as earwigs and centipedes it was once suggested they invaded earth from outer space.

But the latter could be a rather tall story I guess.

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Sun 9th Aug 2020 11:36

I wonder what Steve the Wasp dreams of at night - is it retribution? It's a nasty job but essential. I had two massive wasps nests in my attic years ago and they remain, a testament to frantic but beautiful activity. I got a sting on the earlobe once, not nice.


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Greg Freeman

Sun 9th Aug 2020 10:47

Are you noticing as many this year, Phil? There seem to be far fewer out our way. To the extent that I'm quite pleased when one turns up. General decline of insects a bit worrying, and all that.

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Sun 9th Aug 2020 09:43

Damn, I just sat on one that was laying doggo.

The discomfort is immeasurable.

I know wasps are useful pollinators but Gee Whiz, they get you hopping around.

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