Thought 1

Once upon a time, there lived a great Pharoah in the land of Egypt,

He captivated the people of God and made them his servants

Caused much harm to their life and dignity, killing sons and misusing daughters for fun

Moses came to their rescue and caused the great split to occur in Red sea

Escape was God made easy for the people of bondage, now set free

Freedom made them happy and soon they prospered in life and world

Becoming super powers today, THEY NOW HAVE BECOME PHAROAHS

Dropping missiles and bombs, annihilating human kind from the face of the earth

A Pharoah of old God did sink in the Red glaring sea,

The Pharoahs of today what end do you see for yourself in time to be?????????

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Amatul Wadud

Sat 8th Aug 2020 06:32

Thank you dear Ruth! I'm glad you liked this poem.💐

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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 7th Aug 2020 23:21

I enjoyed the way you have weaved this historical story into poetry and then bring us bang up to date.

Amatul Wadud

Fri 7th Aug 2020 13:16

So true!!

No room for deceptions and procrastination.

Thank you Paul!

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Paul Sayer

Fri 7th Aug 2020 07:46

Amatul, Your words are both ancient and futuristic.

They span a time bridge that we are currently crossing.
The sands of time are shifting, as is the power.

The Black Gold will soon lose its lustre and like blowing grains of sand in a whirlwind will blast and turn to glass.

The time of the Master’s return grows nearer with each passing day. The plagues, famines and wars and Global weather upheavals are being underplayed… By the distractions being played out on the web and media screens daily.

Poets will write today the history of tomorrow.
For we all are prophets.


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