Oh my God!

Warning: The following ‘Rap’ (As Raps often do) or slam, maybe considered Blasphemous and contains profanity, adult content and strongly held religious beliefs some will find irreligious.

If any of the above offends you please just cross the road avert your gaze and pass on by.


In my head, I hear this as a rap or slammed, recited quickly without stopping! Any musicians out there who can put this to a beat or any beatboxers or techie bods who can help me out here please, please get in touch.


Oh My God!

The God of the Godhead

The God of crackheads

The Pissheads

The Smackheads

The Blockheads

The Thickheads

The Wise old heads

The Agnostic

The Prognostic

The Believer

The Deceiver

The Non-believer

The Devout

The without a doubt

The leave it out

The P.C.

The non-P.C.



The die and see


The Rainbow worriers

The love and light brigade

The afraid

The be not afraid

The self-made

The doubting Thomas

The John Thomas

The John Handcock

And Tony Hancock

The Kings

The Queens

The in-betweens

The Bi

The Gay

The come what may

The fuck what you say

The Lonely

The Homeless

Those who couldn’t care a less

The Rich

The Poor

The Confined in cells

Those who can’t tell

The sick in mind

Who God can’t find

The Seekers

The Keepers

The Sometime peepers

The Disillusioned

The Illusioned

The Popes

The Vicars

The Priests

The Shaman

The Inman

The Layman

The I can’t do that

The I can

The Soldiers

The Terrorists

God loves them all


The Dictators

The Undertakers

The Hitlers

The little hitlers

The Hitters

The Misses

The don’t take the pissers

The Sun

The Moon

The Lunatics

Yes, even the Loons

The Royalty

The Monarchy

The Aristocracy

The homeless in the city

The Ghetto’s

The Palaces

The Slums

The well done

The Useless

The can’t have less

The Dammed

And the blessed

The Serious

Those who jest

The Mockers

The Mods

And even, the Rockers

The Movers

The Shakers

Even the home breakers

The Abusers

The Users

Everyone who chooses

To say fuck religion

Fuck god

YES Even You!


The Separative

The Recluses

The poor excuses

The Hermits

Egocentric fools

Anything and everything

From plebeian’s to amoeba’s

Swimming in a pool

The Microscopium

The Meconium

Even shit faced those e ums


God of Love

God of Life

God of giving without measure

Gives in return a wonderous yearn

On this threshold of my dream.


Paul (On the road to Damascus).


◄ God

World Trade Centre Fires! ►


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Paul Sayer

Sat 8th Aug 2020 21:50

The Tag says irony: The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. effect.

Kind of lost in translation.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 8th Aug 2020 21:42

Thank you for your like and comment Shehariah.


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Paul Sayer

Sat 8th Aug 2020 21:40

I used to go to church six days a week and on Sunday I went to Church... That I will swear on a stack of bibles.

Never once did I use profanity or expletives.

Any and every place of worship is hallowed and sacred in my book regardless of title.

A church is not the building and jewels and trappings it is the people.


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Paul Sayer

Sat 8th Aug 2020 21:29

God is an experience that can be felt by all.

I guess what I feel is that only when there are as many religions as people will we truly find peace.

You are right, I am right, we all are right.

Believers, disbelievers, If there is ONE true religion I have yet to find it. I have been looking for over half a century.

So I made my own. I and God are indivisible.


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Sat 8th Aug 2020 21:20

Brilliant! I have certainly constrained my tongue here (I cuss like a sailor), and while I most likely will continue to do so (at least for the most part), I appreciated the explicit nature of some of the lines and I really love this piece. A lot.

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Fri 7th Aug 2020 09:23

Definitely Po....God doesn't do it.....what evil we do it is by our own hands that strikes.

God is indeed love not hate.

Evil has plagued the minds of humanveings from which thrives wars poison, viruses, missiles,bombs, hatred etc. To put an end to these we must first accept our own bitter follies.

Like minds attracts and unlike at times also do the same.... but NO GOD THEORY is a far bitter wilder claim. May be not for some for whatever reasons... that calls for another long debate.

You have done your work beautifully by shaking up the dead minds n souls through your powerful words.

I agree to disagree and vice versa with certain lines....I hope you know which ones are here confined.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 7th Aug 2020 09:11

Ah! Well! That’s the beauty of agnosticism!

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Paul Sayer

Fri 7th Aug 2020 09:06

I had some trepidation about putting this up here at WOL.

You honestly have to know me deeply and intimately to understand why I say these things... In this manner.

Is it to shock? Yes and No.

It is to shake people to hopefully allow them to see what I perceive God to be.

Not a vengeful, hateful god who throws thunderbolts form heaven
A God that sends a virus to kill the unfaithful and or cleanse the world of sin and sinners.

Or a God that rocks and tips our world with earthquakes and surge huge waves that wipe out millions of lives.

My God does none of these things.
My God Loves all his children good, bad or indifferent.

God does not let little children die… WE DO!
God does not create wars WE DO!
God did make that explosion at the port happen WE DID
God did not make the twin towers fall WE DID.

Stop fecking blaming GOD for everything we will not take Full Resonsibilty for.

..."Are you back from Dimishq"

The light still blinds us all

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Fri 7th Aug 2020 08:23

Are you back from Dimishq

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Fri 7th Aug 2020 08:22

Now Po....although you gave a warning....but I omitted that glaring fiery red text while reading to give you my piece of mind.....aaaarrrrggggghhhh.

Hope you received it in exact sense.💔

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Paul Sayer

Thu 6th Aug 2020 13:47

This will bring them together in their grief Brian.

A sad day for the world.

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Brian Maryon

Thu 6th Aug 2020 13:08

The people of Beirut may take some convincing of God's existence at this present time.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 6th Aug 2020 11:56

It left me breathless Graham.

Taking a breath to run on again.

Some will not heed the warning but that's life.


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Paul Sayer

Thu 6th Aug 2020 11:52

Hi Ray, thank you for your comment.

It is one you have to hear to fully appreciate.

My favourite lines are

... From plebeian’s to amoeba’s

Swimming in a pool

The Microscopium

The Meconium

Even shit faced those e ums.

Right over the heads of some but ho-hum
I found it fun.

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Thu 6th Aug 2020 11:41

Like the entrails of life itself coiled up and being released. I find it brilliant for its sheer energy. Quite a feat. Needs to be heard too!


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Don Matthews

Thu 6th Aug 2020 10:46

As moderator you have no choice but to read it Graham. I just scrolled down to the next post....

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 6th Aug 2020 09:49


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