People You Meet On Holiday

You know what it’s like – you meet a couple on the next sunloungers who you seem to get on well with, and this goes on for a couple of days and then someone suggests meeting up in the evening.

So you meet up at Blue Breeze and you all have a San Miguel. Next round the same. Then it all changes! On your round they go for expensive drinks but on theirs they say they’ll just have a coke or a fanta…you know, to space it out a bit. And this goes on all evening so that by the end they’ve spent a hell of a lot less than you. The tight bastards!

And then they start boasting about what they’ve got, where they’ve been and who they know. Only at first it doesn’t really sound like boasting and they draw you in so you’re doing the same. Then they get into their stride and for the rest of the evening they’re doing all the talking and you’re just nodding and trying to look impressed. By the end of the evening you’re bloody exhausted!

The name of the game now is how to avoid them, so for the rest of the holiday you’re forced to hide away at the rooftop pool or go to the beach. You start going into dinner early, and switch allegiance from Blue Breeze to The Metro Bar. Sometimes you spot them in the distance and have to take evasive action. The end of the holiday can’t come soon enough.

Back home you tell your friends about how lovely the hotel was, how great the food was, and all about this really interesting couple you met, Keith and Tina, who’ve got their own lodge in Val d’Isère.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 9th Aug 2020 23:58

Thanks all!

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 6th Aug 2020 09:53

I have friends like that who always go on cruises (never done one myself) and I'm sure they adopt different personas each time.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 6th Aug 2020 04:18

This all sounds like a foreign language to me.

Is that really a holiday?

Give me a piece of canvas and a couple of poles anyday... As long as they have a pretty arse. 🤣

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