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It was the sultry heat of past few days that was getting unbearable. Those who have home and air conditioning didn't feel much tortured. The poor always bear the brunt of nature's destructive energy. Just when we thought this weather wouldn't change there were deep dark clouds seens in the sky. Suddenly the air became bearable and started soothing us with its gentle cool breeze. Finally we assumed relief coming our way in the form of heavy downpour but the winds just drifted the clouds and once again the area was drenched in summery sweat. 

Monsoons are always a gamble, not sure what it would turn out to be. Whether floods or droughts. This somersault of weather has deep effect not only on human wellbeing but also on the agrarian front. Crops are destroyed and the agricultural sector faces a lot of downfall. 

Somedays it feels a blessing when the gently cool breeze brings with it rainfall which helps yo lower the temperature and also affects the temperament of the people. One such day I happened to be sitting under the portico of my house where i could feel the fresh splashes of rain accompanied with pleasant breeze. In our part of the world on such days we prepare fritters with ginger tea. It adds delicious beauty to our happy mood and creates a pleasant atmosphere. A weather to treasure the memories of such days and reminiscing those of past. Exchange of pleasantries and thoughts softens the mood. The young girls make a circle and sing songs. A moment of laughter and happiness fills the air. 

On such days and nights it's a pleasure to enjoy music and movies. Leaving the doors and windows open for the breeze to gently blow within the room. A dreamy night with a beautifully sound sleep relaxed the mind and rejuvenates the body. Today I look forward to the invigorating experience of lovely breeze with musical pitter patter of rain adding symphony to deep sound sleep.

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