As she lay her her head on her soft pillow, her mind drifted into an enchanted world. She knew not how to cross the bridge for she had never seen that land. Trying to figure out each dream that could help her achieve all she wanted but she saw none ho help her there. She retreated to a safe spot where she could get inspiration from God in order to follow the safest and purest route. A beautiful dove perched on the branch above spoke to her in a language unknown. To her surprise the girl understood its words and it's very tone.

O little lady why you look so pale

Have you not any to hold you

Have you not any to love you

Why you sit here looking lost and gloomy

The girl wondered how a dove could know so much about her. She wanted to share her grief but she refrained. Instead she asked the dove to guide her on her way. For she had no more time to lose over gloomy tales. So she requested the dove in her soft words.

O lovely bird of this enchanted world

Would you tell me where the maps are

I'm knew and know nothing about here

Would you mind guiding me to a clear path

I fear being lost and led astray

As I see nothing clearly on my way 

The dove spread its wings and beckoned and the girl followed the dove without wasting anymore time. Soon they were amidst beautiful gardens and valleys of flowers. She entered a home for respite and rest after a long days walk. There she ate some bread and drank water to energize her self. She took a nap, washed up and stepped out again. To her surprise the dove had disappeared and her way was still not clear. As she called out for the lovely dove, she ran uphill and downhill but couldn't get any near. She sat by a brook and looked at her image over the water. She played with it for few seconds and then thought of moving further. As she turned to move she saw a lovely Doe sitting near her. She knew her next guide was this sweet doe. Without an exchange of words they just walked together for hours. Past the woods and that brook,  into a desert where there wasn't anything but sand. Tired, exhausted and hungry they girl looked around for food and water. As she searched for good she discovered 

Mirage is a common happening in this land

When you are thirsty water isn't there but sand

Berries could be poisonous and snakes below the stones

So be watchful what you eat and where you put your head to sleep

Lost amidst this enchanted world searching for a safer land

The girl was stuck in a desert where there wasn't any animal nor man

She lifted her hand and prayed to God to send her help 

Soon a mighty cloud was seen carrying droplets of water for her to drink

Regaining her senses she could see things clearly then

An oasis which was just near to where she was lost

She now saw it clear and walked towards the people of that land

And the story continues, she explored and kept exploring and experimenting but she gained nothing but experiences. 

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Amatul Wadud

Fri 7th Aug 2020 06:29

Thank you Sir!!💐

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Paul Sayer

Tue 4th Aug 2020 07:54


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