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Off comes the mask!


So, from here on in

its goodbye, Po, and hello, Paul.

Why now? Why today at 11:11 pm.


As the Sun entered Leo - I felt more inclined to share with WOL who I am. 

My recent retirement has made this possible.

The focus is no longer on what I did and required to keep secret.

To who I am and what I’m about to do.


Now is an apposite time for self-expression and putting myself out there.


Also, Neptune’s influence has just come into play, enhancing my dreams, imagination, fantasies, optimism, and idealism.


It is time for me to walk the talk. 

I often use a phrase…  “Walking a mystical path with practical feet”.


I am paying particular notice to my dreams, meditation, and as will be seen from here on in, astrology.


Hardly practical, some might be thinking.

However, it is both practical and rational to me.

Moreover, it would be irrational not to.


So Goodbye, Po.

Hello Paul.


Paul.  (11:11 GMT 02/08/20).

This is Po... This is Me!

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Fri 7th Aug 2020 08:29

It was always BLUE for YOU. was just obscured due to cumulonimbus clouds you see.....hehehehehe😀

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Paul Sayer

Fri 7th Aug 2020 08:26

NOW my skies are blue
thanks dear soul to YOU.


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Fri 7th Aug 2020 08:18

So this is Po, good God....what a suspense it was....thriller and time consuming.....finally...face off....😁 literally in the strict sense of mask off...Po you are a fantastic matter what your age or your were my friend n will always be one....I'm happy to see you in real.


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Paul Sayer

Fri 7th Aug 2020 07:24

Amatul, your uplifting comments come at a time of some profound reflection in my own life.

I like so many others have needed to stay anonymous, hidden behind a screen, behind a mask to protect not myself, but others who found themselves vulnerable and in genuine danger of attack.

I am now free to be open about what ‘my’ values are. About how ‘I’ think and feel.

Unrestricted by the restrictions my chosen profession rightly imposed upon me and others than work ‘behind the scenes’ to bring justice and reckoning to the world.

My work in that respect will never stop. Now I can speak and act from my perspective.

Thank you, my friend, for your words, words that we all long to hear Amatul… “Welcome home”.


Amatul Wadud

Fri 7th Aug 2020 06:48

Hello Paul, you did not require that mask. May you shine brightly right through out the world.

Welcome home.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 4th Aug 2020 22:46

Abdul, you support and ongoing encouragement is so heartwarming.

Thank you for your kind words and the sentiment behind them.

We all have a voice, and we all have one thing in common, we are (most of us) here to guide, help, and uplift whoever and wherever we can with our words of poetry AND more importantly perhaps at times our words of encouragement to other poets my friend.


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Abdul Ahmad

Tue 4th Aug 2020 21:16

Paul the mysterious man behind the gorgeous mask and ever generous is revealed.

The mask may have been discarded but his humanity will keep shining through.

Keep track of your dreams and the act of meditation will direct your mind through your desired astrological journey.

Po may now call himself Paul. But they shall always be Wol's most welcoming voice.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 18:29

Hi Ruth

I am stunned by the recent aspects over the last few weeks and more importantly at exactly 11:11 GMT on the 2nd, and moreover at the full moon this afternoon.

Pat's the expert. We have been looking long and hard at exactly what is emerging in our personal charts and the synastry with both of our plans for the twelve months ahead.

For a huge questioner like myself, it rocks my doubts and scepticism to the very foundations.

A cursory glance at my chart will show that. When you know where to look.

My PM to you I'm sure makes perfect sense now, when you see the focus and where it is going.


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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 10:15

With so many masks surrounding us at the moment it's refreshing to see you have taken yours off.

Pleased to meet you Paul!😊

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Paul Sayer

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 08:26

Hi Julie

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julie callaghan

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 07:51

Morning Paul!

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Paul Sayer

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 07:18

curiousdud3, You will, you have started to lift it already.


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Mon 3rd Aug 2020 00:42

Hello Paul 😁

Hope I can take my mask off one day too.

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Sun 2nd Aug 2020 23:30

Even more so P.S! but that doesn't infer that I make my own dresses!

not that I wear them-well, not in public 😁

night-night matey.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 23:26

Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE...

Will, you still be my mate, please?


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Sun 2nd Aug 2020 23:24

With a boat race like yours Paul, why did you put the bloody mask on in the first place!

You handsome 😈 you!

fab read as per.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 23:12

The Mask is OFF!

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