She was learning to walk, talk, read and write. At a tender age when children get love and parental support they are able to achieve big in life but this doesn't mean those without parental love and care are losers. Allah loves an orphan more than seventy mothers together could love. So there's no loss but gain only if you realise the power of Allah with you.

It so happened this little girl was a struggler always but her struggles has made her priceless. She's endowed with divine virtues that others gape through. Humility is earned and often taught by God. Lovingly the blessings comes to polish and chisel a person, God himself want them to be. And the process goes on life long until Allah gives you paradise as your eternal home for bearing patiently every test of life and tribulations. 

One step at a time, however a pause can be relaxing. Rejuvenates the soul and brings back the divine enthusiasm which never dies off. Keep walking my chosen one, for whatever you are doing is what I wanted you to accomplish.  You may not understand the reasons behind them but you needn't bother. For the end results are in your favour. Your struggles aren't to marr you but to build you into the person I have chosen you to become. One day you will realize everything that happened in your life was nothing but my safety and security. I had deployed Angel's who were taking care of you, you were never alone and that was your greatest strength. Don't bother and worry about others for they only see what they are destined to see. Your eyes can see much beyond the superficial world and your sight, insight and vision are nothing but divinely blessings. You have the power to mould, make, carry on, without giving up, you are you because I have made you with my own choice of words and actions. The devil inside us with my command he shall only be released when you reach your destiny. Your hand a man shall hold who is chosen by me for bigger things. Keep walking my little lady, you ain't a devil's toy but my chosen one. Don't be scared, he is just protecting and can never harm you in any way. It's my command and it shall stay till I want. Never fear, for I am closer than any fear or destruction. Nothing can harm you or overpower you. You are born from my mercy and healing a shifa for the world. Don't look back and fear for your past was only a preparation the world needs you and I'll send you places where there's suffering  poverty, cruelty and war. You shall put an end to all the sacrilege and everything that is creating havoc. Nothing can harm you for harm ain't a word that can ever reach you. Your book is in my hand, I shall not change any word in there for its my law and you shall live through it like a winner which I have prepared for your victory over evil and destruction. Keep going and marching on, right people shall find you st the right time of your life, those that stay are there because I want them there. Those who left, their work was over, you are never alone for I have sent guards to protect you and entertain you and that's why in sleeps you seldom smile and laugh for they are there with you always. If you need more then you may ask and I shall send. 

For now the only thing is to move, you have rejuvenated and become whole. Never dull and kill yourself although I'll never let that happen but you have no try it yourself as well. Now go towards north where the pole star shall guide you the destination on a hill so far. There you shall meet an old man wise and sane whom not many know living there but don't worry he shall be your guide and provide until it's time for your next endeavour. Be relaxed and be cool for you have many adventures waiting for you. It ain't a worldly thrill ride you going to meet but a soul enriching experience that you shall thrive and be thrilled. Next to come shall be when this task us done. Be good to those who you meet in your journey for they are but deputies for providing you with everything you may need. Never look back for here you shall one day return when your work is done and its time for you to depart from this world. This isn't your destination nor your home. It was a battle ground where you have learnt your survival tips and received your souls armour in the form of heavenly wings. So fly away my lovely bird into the northern skies and I shall meet you in every step and will never say good bye.

So the girl grew in age learning much what was necessary for her to learn. A training of sort to teach her the skills making her into a potentially packed power woman. Now she holds her head up high despite her brokenness for that wasn't actually her brokenness rather her growing defense mechanism against worldly greed and strife. This little wonder woman became an apple of every eye and in times to come she shall shine outshining the heavenly realms and sun lit sky. This is what you wrr meant to be a diffused light for this world but a latent energy that outshines every star. A woman phenomenal in every word, deed and action. She is my wonder woman and now she's ready. Evil shall take refuge when it sees her marching in and people shall never worship her for she ain't a godess thing. She is but a mercy and healing for this world and those that I send her to heal. Your work shall be achieved for your will you have left it on me. And I sure guides whom I will and you are nothing but a mercy through my will. Keep going for its but your destiny to go. I shall send you help from all four corners and they are there at your, hear the knock, unlock and embark your ship, set on sail and I shall guide you further farther away from where you live right now. My will shall come to pass as it is a thing ordained.

◄ Synopsis 3rd 2020

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