Chess for her

What you seek,
Is seeking you.
So look ahead,
To whats in front of you.

Life is like a game of chess,
You need to plan and strategies each move.
There will be some sacrifices and moments your stuck.
Take those chances, you wouldn't know.
What you'd gain or lose.

In life, there will be trials that test your very foundation.
Other times will truly test your spirit.
You're the architect to the moves you make.
Ensure you act accordingly and get with it.

Send out your pawns,
They represent ailments in your life.
Let them go,
Such negative emotions and moments.
Send them to die.

Sometimes the path you walk on, ain't always what it seems.
You may find some obstacles along your road.
Never worry, its life sometimes.
Be your own Knight and jump over it all.

I know, people will advise to make a clear plan.
A guide you can follow in a straight path like a rook.
But life never actually works out that way sometimes.
You have to move in different directions like a Bishop.

Strategies each move, jump and wonder in different directions as you go.
I know the board of life may intimidate you.
But if you don't make your moves,
There's things you wouldn't know.

But my beautiful queens,
You are the most versatile piece in any board.
Just ensure you have the right king with you.
That he moves as you go.

They say a woman can make,
Or break a man.
Understand this mentality.
Fulfil your own desires first,
You are your first priority.

Beautiful queen's know your worth.
You're the most feared peice on this board.
Unleash your passion into life.
Make your mark on this world.

My Beautiful queen's, smile and rejoice.
Make your moves and clear your path.
Just ensure your king walks with you,
That way you both will last.

My Beautiful queens if you're taken off the board.
A king doesn't stand a chance.
Realise your value always.
Don't let anybody ever question that.

Life is like a game of chess,
Plan your move and act right.
Don't let it intimidate you.
Envision and create your dreams in life.

My Beautiful queens, rejoice in your infinite potential.
Be proactive in life, move on your own.
Don't let another person carry you,

Lift those around you, and leave footprints as you go 

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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 10:24

Check and mate, mate.

The king had but one move (two in one) the only way to reach his castle.

Live is often Black Vs White
That just can't be right, right?


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