Synopsis 3rd 2020

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The girls were excited and the house was filled with shy giggles and loud laughter of women and young girls. It was tomorrow that the most awaited day was arriving. The ladies of the house gathered today for applying mehendi. It's a custom to apply mehendi on hands and feet before marriage. The bride was being beautified for the nikah. She patiently sits to get her hands and feet painted and decorated with beautiful mehendi designs. It takes hours to get the mehendi on the hands and feet and takes another hour for it to dry before its removed. So to kill the time the bride patiently sits in one place and either talks to her friends or remembers all her lovey dovey tales with her soon going to be husband.

The smell of mehendi brings with it the fragrance of her love and she transpires into another world. A wonderland where she met her prince charming. That first hello and exchange of shy glances. Those words that were exchanged are etched in the love book of her heart. She closes her eyes and sees themselves in those few hours and everyday after that. Shy exchange of glances and words amidst the crowds which triggered their love emotions. Little they knew that a romeo juliet was in the making. Everyone around them got the feel of their romantic chemistry which was unbreakable and remarkable. They were caught unaware of the cupid's arrow which strikes their heart at the right spot. Soon that chemistry started flowing in their veins, bones, blood and their breaths taken off. Eyes have captured each others facial charms, ears captured their sound and palms touched their gentle skin making them one forever. He's the one she was waiting for throughout her life, least confused she accepts this fact after much denial but the prince charming speaks nothing and moves on. The gentle breeze destined for their togetherness brings them back once again and finally the confessions.

She was shaken firmly by a gang of friends who laughed at her love nap during that time. The bride smiles and glows with all the recollections of her past and finally its time to see the colours the mehendi leaves designed has left on her. It's a saying that darker the color the more the bride is loved by her mother in law. And the coloured was really rich and dark. She finally feels happy that together with a loving husband she will get a mother's love for the rest of her life and till eternity.

The mesmerizing fragrance of mehendi fills the house and each one at home happily awaits the dawn that shall unite the loving hearts into one, till eternity.

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Amatul Wadud

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 10:59

Thank you Po. There're more coming this season, stay tuned.

Thank you Mr. ABDUL, It's sure an ancient tradition, still prevalent in these times.

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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 10:03

Your tales are written with a feel of the ancient Vedic stories of the past. Beguiling.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 2nd Aug 2020 07:05

This beautiful.
This is magical.

I know understand the intimacy of the artwork that is so tenderly crafted and its true meaning.

Your prose is as fine.

Thank you

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