Another Poem You Won't Read

Here we find ourselves again
I suppose I can say I saw it coming
I suppose you can say it's my fault
Always has been
Because I push you too far when I nudge you to move
Because I am rushing you when I ask that you don't dismiss the truth
And no matter what I say and do
It will always be too much
Because there is no balance that exists
Between too much and not enough.

And again I'll script my words to you
That you won't ever read
Until someday you finally do...
But then, where will we be?
So yes, I guess I'm angry
Even though I know it's wrong
But I've existed in complacency
For far too very long
Just to hear your voice again
And to hold onto hope
That slow and gradual progress
Will somehow push us down the road.

But if I'm being honest
Which is the only thing I can do
I don't feel that slow and gradual
Is truly helping you.
I suspect that it is only keeping you
Arms length away from me...
Which does not show you facing fear
It shows a will to flee.

And so here I sit in silence
Once again my truest friend
And if putting my lead foot down now
Means that we have reached an end
I'll put it down with dignity
And I'll put it down with love.

This isn't who we are
This isn't who YOU are
And so I will always allow
Compassion for your scars
But I will NOT
Sit here and tell you
That everything is well
When the open wound you're ignoring
Is putting BOTH of us through hell.

And if you wish to stay there
In your dark and dreary cave,
I will not drag you out of it,
Down there you will remain

Until you find the will to rise.

I will be WAITING there for you

On the other side.

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