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Uncertainty is a burden,

Indecision is a hindrance,

Tell me all my options,

Fuck me with your influence.


I woke up late for life again,

I know what I want,

The easy way in,

The games have since began.


Will my life culminate besides,

Horchata or pinstripe suits and ties.


◄ Progressive paralysis

Verisimilitude ►


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Ann Foxglove

Thu 20th May 2010 22:24

"I woke up late for life again." Nice! ;-)

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Joseph Kennedy

Thu 20th May 2010 21:38

Yeah, the latency of the rhythm change is meant to show ambivalence, didn't think anyone would pick up on that, kudos.

Thanks for the grammatical tips :)

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Ray Miller

Thu 20th May 2010 21:15

I was liking the rhythm and language of the first 5 lines, especially "Fuck me with your influence" and then it changes, inexplicably!Does that imply ambivalence?!Well, at least I learnt what Horchata is.It's hindrance, only one "e" and you don't need the apostrophes in besides and suits.

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