Saying Goodbye

We're on the edge of a broken prayer,
My faith is held between the tips of my fingers.
I search for a reason to just hang on, but the feeling burns deeply. 
With only a flick all of this could be gone. 
The clutches of uncertainty are too tight, too much. 
Our future remains a questonable haze in front of me. 
The past we share becomes more clear than what could ever be. 
One year left out of four and then you'll be set free. 
You reside where you belong and found what you've been looking for
Rightfully so I believe you'll stay.  

If in time our paths cross again, take a moment to sit with me and reminisce back when. 
We'll laugh about our foolishness and youthful folly, rehearse small talk as the sun goes down. 
Then catch a quiet moment while breathing even breaths until we can't avoid the obvious. 
You'll remind me how I broke your heart once and I'll confess that you've shattered mine.
Awkward silence fills the space around us. Unspeakable desire claws at our throats only to be cut off yet again. 

A stranger you sit in front of me
We've missed the mark once more
Around and around we go 
This time is not a good time
It's the wrong time
Perhaps there is no time
Maybe we don't belong
Shouldn't belong
Always opposites attract
Well then let us part our world's and go our separate ways.
To let go is to grasp the unknown and run from what used to be. 
In case you're wondering 
I'm writing this for myself, a letter to the past
Now lift your glass in "cheers" with me and sing a little chant. 
Silence the "What If's" that kept me up each night. 
Rest in peace to the countless letters in which I've poured my soul, so long to the days I waited with no answer, just the feeling that I'm "Falling Alone".
Destroy my field of dreams where I used to stare out and think of you. Tear the "Cornfields" apart for miles and miles so that I may forget you. 
No, I'm not mad I'm just worn from the inside out. 
The last chapter always leaves a bittersweet taste 
But I feel it's something to look forward to
This is the end
Darling, this is Saying Goodbye. 

---Part Four (The last part) of "Things he'll never know."






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Amatul Wadud

Sun 9th Aug 2020 07:29

Bitter sad end....eventually. 💔

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Paul Sayer

Sun 9th Aug 2020 07:18

My internal silence is disrupted by knowing exactly this feeling, and knowing now it is gone.

To look back allows us to see how far we have come.

Beautifully crafted words -J. Of an unbound soul free to fly.


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Jordyn Elizabeth

Sun 9th Aug 2020 03:45

Thank you as always, Nigel, Ruth, and Shehariah for your kind words.

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Sun 9th Aug 2020 02:36

Jordyn, I really like this one. It is sad and bittersweet, but open and vulnerable. Letting go and saying goodbye are never easy. Moving on is almost always scary. But for the courageous, life can be lived anew.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 28th Jul 2020 12:15

I really like this opening line about hanging on the edge of a broken prayer, it really encapsulates the intensity of how much you wanted to have faith in making the relationship work again.

And then 'the awkward silence that fills the space around us' really resonated too. Great heartfelt piece, that perfectly captures painful disappointments in love.

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Nigel Astell

Tue 28th Jul 2020 02:48

Two lovers
who found themselves
locked inside this poem
both knowing
another heartache coming
saying a last goodbye.

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