Two Springs

Two springs we drink from, since the days we met:

one is a silver stream – a draught brings joy,

tranports me far to fields that never cloy,

where drowsed on flowers, I would time forget;

nearby – the next brings sorrow and regret:

turns fire to ice – turns to a scornful toy

a former love, whose charms now just annoy -

turns days awry, by sudden storms upset.

One lake of passion is for both their mother -

and with what bitterness we two have fought,

for our affections just to come to nought -

as when I drank from one, you drank the other;

and what a pity it would be - to never

drink from the silver spring of bliss together.

two springs poem by christopher laverty

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jennifer Malden

Wed 15th Jul 2020 08:30

Really beautifully and masterfully written! Catches the complexity of relationships and the deep regrets of the inevitable clashes.


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Kevin T.S. Tan

Wed 15th Jul 2020 01:59

constructive feedback:

Lovely sonnet! Rhyme and meter are fully intact. Interesting that 9 &10 and 13&14 have 11 syllables, instead of 10.

The entire piece seems allegorical. Reminds me of the parables of Jesus.

There is a deep wisdom about it.

The former love seems to contrast the current love, the other half of we. They seem to be doomed to fighting, unable to drink from the same spring of bliss. Bittersweet love.

A pleasant mystical experience

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