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Child to woman, of the road,

a life smelling of woodsmoke.


Untamed wayfarer, wild as the wind, hard as rock.


Upholder of the old traditions.

Traveller unburdened by time, unwearied by inclement weather.


Steeped in the priority of loving horses and all things natural.


Vagabond follower of the liberated hearts directions.


Dance partner of Mother Freedom.

◄ Silent siren

After-light ►


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Wed 15th Jul 2020 00:56

Po and Brian, totally agree with your references to the old-time kind of Gypsies, going about their peaceful ways while occasionally selling a few pegs or little bottles of homemade medicinals or having their palms crossed with silver by some curious old lady wanting to know what the future would bring for her

And going about the highways and byways in those beautifully decorated caravans towed by well cared for horses.

Not to be confused with the-

' Good morning my love ( usually an old vulnerable ' love ' ) don't you think your shabby driveway would look nice in new coat of tarmac?

( usually about an inch thick and never much more ) grabbing the money afterwards and running probably as Po suggests to the nearest four by four dealer! 😱

Thank's for the great comments guys and the equally important 'likes' by Nicola and Shifa 👍👍


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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 21:10

Bang on the money Brian.

However, what we used to call gipsies are sadly a dying breed. The Romany giving way to 'the traveller' and their 4x4 and huge cost a fortune caravans.

I do have to say here a small part of me is extremely jealous.

It puts my 1975 Thomson T-Line well in the shade.

This is where this poem fills the gap between what I have and the way it was back in the day.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 13th Jul 2020 20:36

If all her descendants carried on in the same tradition we would no issue with travellers, but sadly....

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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 18:00

This poem takes me back to my youth when this was my normal.

Now it is a far distant memory, until now!

Reading this transports me back to those happy hippy carefree days

Blessed Be Thee Leon

Blessed be

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