I am the Destroyer of Souls

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I am the Destroyer of Souls


Hiding between leather covers

containing holy words of old

will not protect you ever

no matter what you have been told


Ancient teachings passed down

through each successive age

My saturated toxic venom,

can never be assuaged.


Holy water in his name

will nay supplicate my desire

Nor quench eternal flames

that flicker in my fires


In my cavernous hypnotic gaze

Piercing, melting iron hearts

Forging ever stronger

I am the Master of Dark Arts.


My winged messengers obey

every thought that I convey

To tempt and distract you

each and every time you pray.


Imparting images of lust

So perverse distort your verse

When reading holy scripture

Transmogrifies them to cursed.


Images of nakedness

Inverted crosses, the virgin birth

Blending Oh! So seamlessly

Robbing you of your spiritual rebirth.


Born again to wickedness

To live a life of sin

Then return to earth again

To thus disseminate my reign.



The Personification of Evil.

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Sat 18th Jul 2020 12:09

You’re welcome. Haha! 😃

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Paul Sayer

Sat 18th Jul 2020 08:53

Shehariah, thank you so much for your comment and support.

I can't remember the last time anybody said I'm succinct

Best not to get me started 😉

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Sat 18th Jul 2020 03:07

What a succinct representation. Brilliant!

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Paul Sayer

Wed 15th Jul 2020 15:54

Hello Vautaw

I so enjoy reading your comments. I like you, find that we learn more about a poem often by the comments that both preceded it and come after it.


By reading a poem again, sometimes quite a while after we first read it.

This next twelve months I am dedicating to writing my autobiography and placing it online. Detailing truthfully the events and occurrences in my life conversing with the 'so-called' dead.

Also, I intend to collate some of the poetry I have posted here at WOL...

Some of the comments, and a host of poetry as yet untyped that I told you of.

I also intend to add audio files to many of the poems here plus some videos of recitation that will go to make up some audio/video files to download. These are for the deaf and the blind so that they can read the words and see the images or hear the poetry with accompanying sound effects.

These I intend to place on a new website which I am aiming to complete by the end of next July.

You are one of those whom I will be seeking content to share with the world.

Now is the time.

Your copy is in the making V and I promise you, you will certainly feature in it.


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Wed 15th Jul 2020 13:55

Wow Po. You are in your element with this one. Reads like a classic already. Love it. The multi layers within compel reading again and again to reveal deeper meanings. Your comments are even more fascinating. I’m ready to pre-order your book. Write on!

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Paul Sayer

Tue 14th Jul 2020 11:16

Hello Jon

Thank you for your constant support, my friend.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 09:52

Hi Brian, Keith and Shifa

Thank you all for dropping in and hitting the like.


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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 08:34

How do we escape from this wickedness says Bluesky.girl

Our only way is to understand the source of it.

It is NOT the devil or god that lets this continue, mostly unabated, it is US.

We do love to pass the buck.

Then we don't have to take personal responsibility.

Own it.
Stop it.

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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 08:27

Hi Phil thank you for commenting

I would say

For most of us, the thing we fear above all else is fear itself. The easy option is to replace it with denial and abnegation.

For most, our biggest fear is death.
A thought or belief in an afterlife even if it is full of torture seems a better bet than nothingness I guess.

The ageless battle between life and death continues unabated.

Philosophers tend to be great thinkers, to the cost of their intuitive empathic feeling nature, tending to rationalise everything and everyone… making things fit.

One thing is abundantly obvious we do not have a choice about being born. We do have the choice to end our life whenever we want.

Actually, from years of talking to people who were suicidal, the incidences of being prevented from doing so are so numerous and some are certainly ‘other-worldly’ for want of a better phrase.

Coincidences and or synchronistic events have stopped even the most determined form accomplishing ending their own life. Amazingly sometimes on more than one occasion!

I could/should/will write a book.

The evidence stacks up daily if you open your mind to the possibility.

Then, of course, we MUST look at what we term ‘untimely deaths’
When we lose a child, a baby, and of course the as yet unborn child, this is where we so often find there are no rational answers to be found.

However, there ‘are’ answers!

Notwithstanding nor belittling the immense power of religion I would like to propound that life after death has nothing to do with religion in any way shape or form.

From experience, I can honestly attest that we all survive death.

I have received and passed on detailed evidence and information that could not have originated from any other source than the individual minds that conceived it.

Men of science have since the beginning of time attempted to prove this dichotomy and disprove it.

Many still proclaim there is no evidence, and for most of us sadly this is true.

Tangible concrete evidence is subjective.


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Paul Sayer

Mon 13th Jul 2020 07:32

I find it interesting M.C. that whenever the Devil or evil villains are depicted in films, books, paintings etc. we seem to have little or no imagination at all mate.

The devil must be laughing his socks off… (does he put socks over his hoofs do you think?)
I suppose some ungulate’s do.

Copyright that’s an interesting thought.

If we portrayed the devil as he is Mark covered in gems and jewels and radiant with guns (That’s muscles to fossil’s like us mate) to die for, looks to kill for, and a warm loving gaze… (You know how he really is, how he honestly looks). Who would be scared and terrified of him?

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Phil Kay

Sun 12th Jul 2020 15:42

The nihilism and rebirth to torture I suspect yourself more than others. Powerful. The battle between life and death.
Camus said the greatest question was wether to live or die. Loved this.Depths upon depths.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 12th Jul 2020 15:09

Hey Po - i wonder who it was who came up with the original depiction
of Lucifer: horns, tail, "sinful" lust etc. Someone with a very vivid imagination, that's for sure. Probably would have been a top
illustrator for some of today's fantasy publications. Think of all those
lost "copyright" earnings!!

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Paul Sayer

Sun 12th Jul 2020 11:20

Yep! On the seventh heaven.

What an orbit you are whirling round


Sun 12th Jul 2020 11:01

😒 bad luck.

I'm gonna sue this cyberspace ..... hehehe

Thank God I'm not a cat. So im still alive...😀

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Paul Sayer

Sun 12th Jul 2020 10:00

Sometimes things are not always as they are seem

White is black and black is white.
Things are honestly not at all black and white.

I spent well over an hour this morning writing to a close friend about exactly this subject matter.

The message dissolved into cyberspace never to be seen again before it was even sent and certainly before it was finished.

I composed this poem immediately after the disappearance of my treatise.



Sun 12th Jul 2020 09:15

Unlike Po....this poem sounds so deep dark and destructive.

Intriguing piece which provokes many thoughts in my head.

I'm naive in this art, you have mastered well so you can administer n explain elaborately.

This poem definitely needs a discussion. I'm totally clueless to this other world side.

Second last para sounds familiar, I'm sure you understand what I mean by this....phew!!

What is the possible cure? How to escape all these wickedness? Feel restless n stuck.

A familiar experience.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 12th Jul 2020 08:32

Po, 'The Advocatus Diaboli'

July 2020

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