A Broken Mirror



                                                             Can you                                                                                                                                                Help me please.                                                                                                                            My mirror appears to be broken                                                                                                      Because she refuses to reflect what she sees.                                                                             She shows me a woman I do not recognize. She plays such                                                              Hideous tricks on me. I shout at her sometimes, but she won’t listen                                                     To me any longer. I used to be in control, but now she has me. Under                                                   Her wicked spell. I give her everything. I spend hours with  her examning.                                                Every detail. I fixate on the flaws she shows me. I apply creams and                                                     Lotions. I pluck, tweeze and wax. I cover every imperfection to make                                                      Her happy. I live to please her. But she will find something. She always                                                 Does. She takes my body and distorts it. There is a stranger in front of                                                  Me. She plays terrible tricks on me. One time I told her I would take her                                                 Off the bathroom wall and shatter her into a thousand tiny pieces. She                                                     Did not believe me. I tried to regain control. She loves to play these                                                     Power games. I took her off the wall and held her out the window.                                                         In two seconds, she would be on the ground. Broken. But as I went                                                         To open the window. I caught my reflection. Snarling. Panting.                                                               Black tears falling down my cheeks. I am a monster. Psychotic                                                                       A madman. So, I returned her to her rightful place                                                                                                  And there she hangs to this day.                                                                                                                      Mocking me. Brutally.                                                                                                                                          Ruthlessly.

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Thu 9th Jul 2020 10:56

Again unique and imaginative.I like the mirror shape of your dialogue

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Anmolpreet Kaur

Thu 9th Jul 2020 10:40

The torment of an abused woman reached my heart with full force?


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Isobel O'Donnell

Thu 9th Jul 2020 10:35

Please ignore the god-awful formatting of this piece. I copy and pasted it from a word document I was using and well... it didn't carry over very well. x

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