No laughing matter

No laughing matter


This is the tale of a dirty old geezer
Who tried so ‘hard’ but never pleased her


Well, he caught a cold one day,
And almost sneezed his dick away.


He sneezed on poor old Daffney Goff
Who almost cut his dick right off.


She gripped the sheets hard for awhile

Which made the old man grin and smile


Until his sneeze took its toll
Which kept him in his bed the fool.

And to his joy, within a week,

His stiffness had begun to peek


Towards the ceiling,

this once again tripoded bloke


Said how about another poke


Now look here you dirty geezer

Said Daffney Goff to this sneezer


Don't neglect your ‘nasal’ organ,
Because each time you sniff, and you sneeze,


'COVID' virus floats on the breeze

So unless you wear that surgical mask


Last weeks hanky panky

Will be your last

At this the old geezer quite perplexed

Said Daffney I am really vexed.

It seems a small thing, I suppose,
To place a mask upon my nose

....... ... .......

So when you're on the bus or train

In fact, no matter where you are!


The moral of careless sneezes

Spreads Corona virus and diseases.


This is a public information poem.

Stay safe when you leave your home




The British public are not to be sneezed at!


Po.    07/07/20





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Thu 9th Jul 2020 19:49

Haha, love it!

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Paul Sayer

Thu 9th Jul 2020 18:46

Thanks, girls it is good to have a bit of fun, especially when the message is extremely important.

Poets against Covid

Let's get a tee-shirt made

I'll get mine hosed down and translucent wet, show my guns in the promotion video.
That will catch the eyes of the world, nothing like a bit of beefcake to catch the eye...


Po wet

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Shifa Maqba

Thu 9th Jul 2020 18:17

Very creative & important. Quality read! :D

Nicola Beckett

Wed 8th Jul 2020 23:23

Ha, well we all die of something, who do you need me to tell scapegoat to see you well? X


Wed 8th Jul 2020 10:49

Old geezer must be having a tough time. Now he can't get pissed off🤪

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Paul Sayer

Wed 8th Jul 2020 09:32

Just telling it how it is... well in the madcap world of Po it is 😉

Thank you both for hitting the like


Stay Well


Wed 8th Jul 2020 04:43

Really it isnt a laughing matter at all in covid times. No matter which country its applicable to all.

Thank you Po.

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keith jeffries

Tue 7th Jul 2020 21:56

The Best Public information Poem yet published. Thanks Po,


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