Sometimes i cant take it

I want to break it

What is it 

Well i bet most of you would know it

You always want to throw it

I havent found a name for it

But let me explain it

Its that feeling of being numb

Its that feeling when you want to run

When death seems so close

When death seems so far

When life is not as fun

When you feel worthless

Then suddenly powerful

When no matter when, tears will come like waterfalls

It is the scariest thing 

It makes me want to fling

myself into another world

It makes me want to forever stay curled

In my bed away from it

But it is everywhere

It is simply always it

- youngdumbpoet


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Wed 8th Jul 2020 02:00

"It is simply always it"- I think everyone can relate to this. A sincere portrayal of 'it'.


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